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Snore Stones Gift Set


You deserve better quality sleep!  Introducing our Snore Stones—a harmonious blend of natural, responsibly collected, Italian volcanic rock from Mount Etna and an exclusive blend of Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Fennel, Thyme, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Lavender oils.  Handmade in Sussex, crafted with care, using the highest quality essential oils sourced from the heart of England. 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan, harness the power of nature with these Sleep Stones to aid deep and relaxing sleep every night.  

Prior to launch, this product underwent rigorous trials on the public, with results showcasing an extraordinary success rate. This groundbreaking solution proves effective for both the snorer and the "snoree," promising a night of peaceful and uninterrupted slumber. Say goodbye to the disruptions caused by snoring and embrace the serenity of revitalising sleep.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the snore oil mix the Snore Stones are also beneficial to those suffering with sinus issues, colds or nasal congestion.  




Pop the jar beside your bed.  Thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime, remove the lid and let the captivating fragrance permeate the room. Once you've settled in, breathe deeply and allow the enchanting aromatherapy to work its magic, guiding you into a refreshing and snore-free sleep with the help of Mother Nature.

Our Aromatherapy Sleep Stones come ready infused with a blend of essential oils which will stay fragrant for up to three months however you can top the fragrance up with a capful or two from the 100 ml bottle of oil contained in the gift pack.  We also have individual 100 ml bottles of snore oil available to purchase.  A sustainable product, stones never need to be replaced, only topped up with oil.  

Unlike other diffusers these sleep stones do not need to be plugged in, making them safe and easily transportible.  

These Aromatherapy Snore Stones can be used in conjunction with our Sleep Stones.