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Sandalwood Essential Oil 3 % in Jojoba


Smooth, exotic, spicy-wood aroma. Pale yellow to amber in colour.


100% NATURAL – Pure and natural, premium Sandalwood essential oil 3% diluted in Jojoba oil.

Suggested uses:

AROMATHERAPY – Steam distilled from the wood of the tree, this oil has a rich and woody aroma,
highly valued around the world. For your convenience this Sandalwood has been diluted to 3% in
Jojoba oil.
BODY & MIND – Sandalwood is a rich, sensual oil which has a balancing and grounding effect on the
emotions. Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years as incense during spiritual rituals and
DIY TIP – Add 5 drops to 10ml of Jojoba oil to create a woody, sensual and nourishing beard oil!
FRAGRANCE – Sandalwood has a rich, woody aroma. Apply this dilution to pulse point to wear as a natural fragrance.

Sandalwood 3% Dilution, a grounding and balancing essential oil.
Sandalwood Essential Oil has a rich, woody and sensual aroma which has been used for centuries as part of meditation and spiritual rituals. This oil is naturally soothing for general body aches, daily tensions, and the skin, making it a staple essential oil for supporting both the mind and body. For your convenience we have diluted this Sandalwood to a 3% dilution in Jojoba oil making this oil ready to use directly on the skin.
This oil is steam distilled from the wood of the tree.
Sandalwood is a popular choice for use in fragrances for all genders and is often used in luxury toiletries and body care products.

Did you know?

Sandalwood has become extremely difficult to get hold of due to Indian government controls. The oil is a by-product of the use of Sandalwood for figurines and furniture, which is very popular, especially in the Far East

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