Bodytox Detox Foot Patches


Brand bodytox

Bodytox Deep Cleanse & Renew Foot Patches harness a centuries-old alternative therapy method based on the reflexology concept where the sole of the foot is considered the source of health. Using active ingredients conveniently included within a modern-day easy to apply poultice helps to open the Meridian pathways, to promote improved circulation, purification, relaxation and balance. 

The Deep Cleanse & Renew Foot 10 Patch boxes are perfect for those searching for a 5 day, whole body spa-patch experience. This box has been created for those looking for an effective routine that can show results day-by-day after use. It is recommended that you carry out a 5 - 10 day cleansing experience to achieve the best results when using them for the first time.

Our patches are packaged within our new fresh seal envelopes so that our quality ingredients stay effectively active to deliver the best results.

When Bodytox foot patches are applied to the soles of the feet, powerful natural ingredients work to respond to the body’s internal stimulation. This helps to encourage the release of toxins and unblock meridian pathways to support your body’s natural detox functions.

Modern, easy to apply, affordable, and above all else, made with distinctive quality, our detox foot patches are one of the best alternatives for you to purify and cleanse your body. With a unique blend of ingredients, Bodytox Foot Patches simulate the actions of reflexology.

You may come across other foot patches which include lots of different ingredients. Bodytox Detox Foot Patches adopt a ‘less is more’ approach, with a focus on delivering higher levels of ingredients that deliver the most powerful benefits.

Product Features:

• Helps purify your body while you sleep
• All-In-One easy patch application
• Contains premium natural ingredients
• Painless and easy to use
• Visible and feel-the-difference results
• 10 patches - 5 day body detox programme
• Natural High-Quality Ingredients
• Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
• Non-GMO, no alcohol