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Universal Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Case


Brand WaveWall

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Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field that produces radiation in order to work. It powers everything that allows your phone to communicate. This keeps happening even when you aren’t actively using the phone and are just carrying it around.

We keep our phones close but that also means keeping ourselves within their electromagnetic field and subject to radiation. Mobile radiation has been linked to cancer, tumours and male infertility.

Protect yourself from mobile phone radiation with the WaveWall Universal. It’s an anti-radiation mobile phone case that shields your body from the electromagnetic field your phone makes and uses. But your phone can still be used normally!

DIMENSIONS:  LARGE: 160 x 77mm (phone length x phone width)

Why you need mobile phone radiation protection

Your phone needs mobile radiation to work – but it passes through your body and can cause damage. It’s dangerous when talking on the phone, when the electromagnetic field passes through your skull to your brain. It’s also dangerous just sat in your pocket, espeically for gentlemen when that’s near their private parts and mobile phone radiation can cause male infertility. Or for women tucking their phone into their bra when exercising or moving around.

More and more evidence shows that mobile phone radiation causes male infertility, can damage cells and DNA, and is increasingly being linked to cancer and tumours. You can protect yourself with the WaveWall Universal.

Plus, get protection for your bank cards too. The Universal has a handy section for your bank and other cards. It’s RFID-protected so it will block scammers or hackers from scanning your cards and stealing your data.

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